This tooth of truth

Sunday, May 30, 2004

It's funny how my sex life has changed over the past year. It's astonishing how little I have had sex for how much I think about it. I'm not even really masturbating any more. But I think the more I have sex the more I masturbate. So maybe I sould just put my shit aside and start getting fucked more. And fucking more. Stress has never really messed up my sex life like this. Is this lesbian bed death? O is that a myth?

I love talking dirty. And nothing gets me off harder than being talked dirty to. And not vanilla dirty. I don't particularly enjoy vanilla sex (ok, maybe that's a mis-statement, because there hasn't been much sex that I didn't enjoy), and I don't want to hear vanilla speak. I want to hear what you want me to do. Or what feels good. Or what you're going to do. There's something so erotic about hearing the words for the actions that are taking place. It makes me frenzied.


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